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PSLE result out on the 24th

November 18, 2016

I seriously do not remember the day my PSLE result was out but I remember my ‘O’ level, my  ‘A’-level and every single year of my NUS results.  I remember those because I knew there was going to be a big crowd, I knew there will be pushing and every scene is probably similar to a Black Friday rush in USA.

But I was never there early.  I usually appeared only after everybody knew their results,  when the crowd has long scattered or worse when there was no one left at the counter/window/notice board.

My daughter is 11 years old. This year if my guess is correct, it should be my daughter’s PSLE result.    But I do not have to go.  Because she is not taking her PSLE.  She is a seventh grader (similar to Sec one?) in Pennsylvania.  So I do not have to make any rush.  In fact, I have taught her to disregard all her results and behave like Scott Finch in “Mockingbird”, where school is only a learning ground and once she has done her learning, she merely needs to 『捫心自問』(touch your heart and ask oneself) “have you done your very best?” that is all that matters.  And so she lead a school life relatively guilt-free and with little pressure.  It seems she only enjoy school, never pressured by it.

The other day, her mother offer her an iPad mini from someone who just bought a new iPad and is willing to give the old iPad mini away.  Any child would only be too happy to own it.  But moments later, her mother changed her mind and decided to tell the person to give the iPad to someone who needed it more.
guanyin1 I quickly find time (after the announcement) to discuss with her what it would be like if the same situation were thrown at any of her cousins.  Her cousins (her age) in Indonesia would be very fortunate to have something like an iPad.  She knew it would hurt them so much, they would not be able to get out of it for days if not weeks or months.  But she quickly understand my reason to discuss.  Very quickly, like what 心 经 suggest, she got what I am trying to do.  Like 知道五蕴皆空 it removed her 苦厄. She may not be a Buddhist, but she has all the advantage of the skills I can pass to her.  She felt no misery, and it did not bother her very long, it was “let go, let go, let go” and she was not bitter nor unhappy.


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