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Put Your Meditation into Practice

February 9, 2017

I read about this all the time.  Today I saw it again in Lion’s Roar.  But since I am alone in a small city in the (north western) corner of Pennsylvania, I have no teacher and I vaguely understand what “putting into practice” really means.


Anger — I got angry less frequently, and if I ever get angry, I caught myself.  I think this is similar to what happened with drifting in meditation.  You are bound to drift but you caught yourself and with “the method”, you come back to your breathe.

Craving 欲望 — I used to eat so much, now I can reasonably say I have very few cravings.  In fact if my wife asks me if I want to go home this summer or I need to see my family and friends at home, I usually just sit, contemplate and then shake my head in reply.  Plenty of people need me here.  Whether I am here or there, I’ll have to “do my things” to help a being.  Saying that this Jambudvīpa or  娑婆世界   in Chinese isn’t a place to have fun and make oneself powerful/rich/famous is what I learnt via 禅坐 and plenty of 大善知识.

Eating — I do not practice mindful eating during lunch and dinner.  My family thinks mealtime is a time to bond and so talking is what I do a lot.  Sometimes, I chew my food until it is almost liquid and similar to blended (except it is my teeth that blend, not a blender) then eat my food.  So any food taste good to me –even food with no salt and food with too much salt.  It is funny, the meditation group in my city wants to have a session where everyone brings chocolate and we do a mindful eating of the chocolate before Valentine’s Day.  Either they will not be able to do it, or they have a very vague idea of what mindful eating is.  My ideal would be to follow the sangha in most Theravada monastery and eat only once a day.  Actually, Chinese Mahayanists also follow that and they called it 八关斋戒。




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