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May 1, 2017

I call this a seminar, but some of you would prefer to call it “retreat” or “Dharma Talk”.   But call it anything you want, on the last three days of April, Lama Katie came to the city of Erie to talk about “Compassion in Tough Times”. The following two days, she taught the practice of Meditation and Awareness.

I may have meditated every morning, but her talk is completely fresh and useful to me.  Also I helped out in arranging the chairs and tables and directing the speaker to to lunch place by riding in the car.

Lama Katie is a Dharma teacher in charge of the regional small Kaygu-linear Tibetan centers within maybe 200 miles.  She is not in the monastics and so even though she wore the robe, she used a “outside shawl” that is light beige in color.

Between meditation, lunches and dinners, I was not expecting very much and was worried if the crowd gets too, too big and I might be too busy to listen to the talks.  But it turns out to be small and I provided my very basic knowledge of the Tibetan characters by writing “Om Mani Padme Hum” on the blackboard in the “Writing Studio of St. Mary school”on 10th Street.

Even though everyone in the Center felt the talk was very basic, I felt I benefited a lot from it.  Maybe because I did not know much.  On the last moment of silence, someone played the flute and for a very strange reason, that 2-minute music moved me to tears.  I do not have an explanation for that.  When most audience left, two persons took refuge (it’s kind of like baptism in Christianity) and I felt those words used in the refuge-taking were more for me than those takers.



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