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Late Bloomer

December 11, 2017

I have former students who told me they do not appreciate Linear Algebra until way after my class or in their career as engineers.  I have an aunt who does not know the difference in the pronunciation of “soup” and “soap”, until she became an adult.  Very often, to “see’ something and finally “get it” requires all the correct ” 因缘”.  Thich Nhat Hanh called it “Dependent co-arising” or simple “inter-being”.

When the water is not yet boiled and you put in the food, you will not achieve a good result

Top chef are usually perfectionist who’d tell you the right time and the right moment is crucial.  Even if you have all the right ingredients.  That is usally the ifference between a good chef and a bad one.

Einstein was the same way.  If you google, you will easily find articles or blogs that Einstein was a late bloomer.  He started speaking really late.  At a young age he was bad at Math (that might be hard to believe for some people).  He hated all the Math classes by top mathematicians like Minkowski and Carl Gaiser.  As a student, he also avoided Hurwitz and mostly skipped his classes at the Zürich Polytechnic.  In fact, someone tried to teach him how to swim but to not avail.

 “Oh, and my father tried to teach him how to swim, but it didn’t work. He couldn’t float.”

said Betty Leedom, a girl (now probably an old lady or maybe even dead) who grew up on North Tulane Street in Princeton and Einstein tutored her in algebra and geometry privately.

Everything requires the right ingredient, the right things and the right timing.  Once a person is in pain (say from stomach problem), then telling them how they should be eating right is not going help them in any way.  When they are too happy partying, that is also not the right time to “lecture” them on proper food and moderate eating.  So when is the right time?  杨宁老师 said “众生迷惑 , 唯有用善巧方便  来 叫醒他们。”


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