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The Feldenkrais Method

January 21, 2018

 “If you don’t know what you are doing, you can’t do what you want,”

Wait a minute, that sounds more like a philosophy than a method for your skeletal well-being or chiropractor health.

This is a method brought up by a friend who “shared” an article in the New York Times and I read.

Feldenkrais teachers do not give formulas for a proper way of behaving; rather, they rely on their patients’ ability to self-discover and self-correct.

Now this is some kind of philosophy I tell my students everyday in my work.  I can teach and I can lecture.  You can come and see me and read lots of books/answer manuals, but if you’re not on any road to self-discovery and self help (or self correct) by way of practice, you have wasted all your “learning time”.

Some things as common as bending, turning, getting up from a chair, even walking, we pay very little attention and let our habits lead the way.  With great knowledge in Physics and constant engagement into chiropractor health or skeletal structures, one begins to understand why certain people get back pain, why certain people don’t, even why certain people think better and get less tired doing the same thing.  It has something to do with how one carries oneself “moving”, “staying still”, “sitting”, “bending down”.  It seems like nobody can ignore the effect of gravity.  Its effect will continuously act on you and your skeletons, even if you don’t believe in the science.  It turns out, it’s not just Newton’s law  that continues to do its work whether you believe it or not, but ll other truths, continues its due course, while your ignorance self and think you can defy all these with your so-called “luck” or any kind of “lucky charm”.  Some have this “it only happens to other people, not me”, hence you see smokers who continues to puff away thinking the pictures of the cancerous lungs will only happen to other people.

On a deeper note, that is exactly what the dharma is all about.  It is sometimes called reality for people who think it is just “theories” or “superstition”.  It is alright to be skeptical.  But the proper will will always be respectful and take time to test it out, and verify (or disprove) it.  Failure to do these, will often result in dire consequences.


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