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Jhana and stream enterer

To be a stream enterer, is rare now unlike two thousand six hundred years (and forty?) ago in India.  During those times, there are instances of people becoming stream enterer just by listening to the Dharma for the first time.

And how precious is this state?  The so-called stream enterer?  If someone were to beat me a hundred times in the morning, a hundred times in the afternoon and a hundred times in the evening (i.e this becomes my breakfast, lunch and dinner) and do it for a hundred years and then offer me this sotāpanna state, I would gladly take it.

In the Nikaya, many people without the five hindrances and think through what is said in the Dharma, will reach the state of stream enterer.  But who is without the five hindrances?  How do I know if my mind is so corrupted, I have hindrance or not?  Well, very easy, again according to the Nikaya, you try to meditate, and see if you reach a state of jhana (or Chan Ding) or according to ZEN, some level of achievement, then you are without the five hindrances.  Actually jhana, chan, Som and ZEN are the same thing but in different culture and languages.

Or according to many Theravada monks, you have a very high IQ and spend time reasoning with yourself when exposed to the Dharma, then you can also reach the state of the Stream Enterer.  But how high must your IQ be?  Your IQ must be so high, when someone doubts your “theory” and threaten to do certain experiment to discredit your “theory”, you did not squirm, or worry or doubt because your intelligence already verified your theory to a point you know there is no mistake.  An example will be the way Einstein knew his Theory of Relativity was right even though there is no experiment to prove it, and later Eddington threatened to discredit him with an “observation/experiment”. But then if you believe in rebirth, you know (and you know for sure) that the kind of intelligence (or fame or wealth of other famous people) is a fruit of cultivation from previous lives.  So Einstein is the cleverest man in the world in the history because in the past he knew a way to cultivate so that in a future life, he will be extremely, extremely intelligent.   The same with Venerable Sariputra who cultivated in the past (lives) so he became 智慧第一 and Venerable Ananda who during the time of Buddha had supermemory and was super handsome.

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